Yazar: Aslı Akbaş
Editör: Elif Başer
Tasarım: Sevde Gülnıisa Meydancı


I was looking out the window when I realized, there was an angry face looking at me

And telling me that I ruined my life

I always do

My steps were coming back to me

And throwing me to the first decisions of my life

Whether to walk or lay

Laugh or cry

Whether to die or stay

I listened every voice coming from the roof

Imagining the sky was shining up there

And glazing my shiny walls

So that everybody would know I am alive

It was a rainy day after all

That cleaned every thought that I was drowning in

While I had minutes to sleep

And could not control my deep desire

’cause I wanted to deserve the day

And I was stubborn enough

To get respected as I deserved

My ego was laying right next to me

While we fought and understood each other

It was miscommunication after all